One of my fond memories as a child was collecting rose petals from my mothers garden. I would carefully place them into glass jars, add water and set them on the picnic table so the sun would warm and release their ancient essence. These fragrant potions inspired me to seek out other remedies and natural alternatives in health and beauty care products.

My love of nature continued my search for alternative therapies in health and anti aging that enhance our lives and respect the environment.  I immersed myself deeper into the field of aesthetics. Over the decades I developed a unique skill set working with prominent plastic surgeons, medical spas, salons, wellness centers, industry manufactures and distributors. I have a pulse on what it takes to run a successful aesthetic practice and I continue to educate and consult professionals and businesses here in the USA and internationally.

Aesthetic Wise was born In 2009, built for the purpose of providing aesthetic businesses strategies, the ultimate in ancillary product selection and educational support. By helping others and respecting nature we help ourselves and our futures. I offer my passion and knowledge in the aesthetic industry to assist in reaching  your aesthetic business goals and dreams.